Bedezy – Mattress Lifting Device with the Push of a button

Bedezy – Mattress Lifting Device with the Push of a button

Bedezy is installed once between your Base, Bed Frame or Suite and the Mattress. Once installed Bedezy can be used anytime to assist in lifting the mattress up and away from the Bed Base. Once the Bedezy is inflated you can then change your bedding quickly and easily without the need to hold the mattress with one hand while moving the sheet into place with the other.

To lift your mattress, just press the “up” button on the controller, Bedezy will automatically inflate to the right height in less than a minute. Change your bedding without the need to lift the mattress with your hands and once you are finished, simply press down on the controller. Bedezy will automatically deflate so your mattress will sit back in place without you ever knowing it is under the mattress.

Making a bed should be a simple task; but for many it’s not. Mattresses are heavy and it’s not easy to lift the corners to tuck sheets under the bed. To do this requires a very able person who can lift many kilos with one hand while manoeuvring the sheet with another.
Sadly this is not possible for everyone; the answer to this is Bedezy.


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