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Redgum Comfort Lux Mattress

Comfort Lux Mattress – RG66M200
Medium and High Pressure Care Mattress

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Comfort Lux Mattress – RG66M200 Medium and High Pressure Care Mattress

Product number: 11994

Ice Cool Cover:

– Specifically designed for “hot” sleepers and those who prefer a cooler sleep experience.

– Manages wetness better through faster moisture wicking, airflow and ability to dry fast.

– The cooling UHMWPE fiber has an advanced moisture wicking structure that dries 2x faster than regular fabric.


Medium Pressure Care Mattress

– 20cm memory foam

– 3cm 30D gel infused memory foam

– 3cm 40D memory foam

– 14cm 25D support foam ventilated design

– Side wall: Three dimensional polypropylene with zipper in the middle

– Bottom: non-slip fabric


Medium Pressure Care Mattress Specifications:

1050mm (W) x 2030mm (L) x 200mm (H) – Max. User Weight: 200kg


Pressure Mapping Test on our Medium Pressure Care Mattress:

It is an unfortunate fact that estimated pressure injury prevalence in Australian hospitals ranges from 9.5% to 17.6%, and in nursing home and long-term care setting is estimated to be around 8.9%. These wounds bring pain, associated risk for serious infection and increased healthcare utilization.

With our pressure mapping technology it is possible to objectively measure interface pressure and provide computer generated data that is  not based on opinion. By means of our pressure mapping technology, it is possible to reduce interface pressure by selecting an appropriate pressure-relieving surface or use adjustable and active mattress to improve the quality of life.

Our pressure Care Mattresses can be used in circumstances where the user may be required to spend a large number of hours in bed per day (on top of when they are sleeping).

Research has shown, when comparing a regular mattress to a pressure care mattress:

– A significant decrease in pressure ulcer complications

– A decrease in time taken to fall asleep

– An increase in the amount of “Deep Sleep Time”

Pressure injuries can be caused by number of factors, including but not limited to:

– Impaired mobility

– Impaired activity

– Compromised skin integrity

– Compromised or reduced blood supply to pressure points

Surveys conducted throughout Hospital and Care Facilities in Australia have shown that 48.8% of pressure ulcers are found on the lower limbs (from the knee to toes) and 33.3% around the pelvis and lower back areas. A “Zero G Position” which is available on some High-Low beds is shown to significantly reduce the pressure ulcers caused in these areas of concern.

Our COMFORT LUX Pressure Care Mattress has been designed as a solution for users with Medium pressure care needs and to enable high levels of pressure relief, whilst still providing a high level of comfort in their living environment.



5years (Against faulty workmanship and / or faulty materials)

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