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Ornamin Two-Handled Mug

Two handled mug with internal cone and innovative drinking lid for safe drinking even with shaky hands.

Unobtrusive drinking spout that discreetly disappears into the cup
Inside of the reusable cup tapers to a point at the bottom (internal cone)
All-round opening allows drinking from all sides
Bisphenol-A-free (BPA-free), dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, food-safe
Sustainable reusable plastic, 100 % Made in Germany

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Two Handled Mug with Internal Cone and with discreet Drinking Lid

Available in Dark Blue, Apple Green or Blueberry

The set consists of the components – also available separately – 2-handle cup with drinking trick 140 ml (model 815) and the inconspicuous drinking lid (ø 70 mm) (model 813).


Making life easier

The drinking top with all-round opening allows drinking from all sides, replacing the classic sippy cup.  In addition, this drinking aid reduces the risk of swallowing, because compared to the beak attachment, with this drinking attachment the swallowing reflex is triggered on contact with the lip – similar to drinking without the drinking attachment. In addition, you can feel the temperature of the drink with your lips and do not burn your tongue or throat as easily as with a sippy cup. For straw lovers, there is a special opening where the straw can be clamped. This makes the break-proof cup a practical drinking aid for senior citizens and for those with impairments.


The drinking trick

In its pretty design, the drinking cup hides a special feature: its inner cup is conically shaped. This drinking trick makes it easy to empty the cup without having to bend your head back. Even with physical limitations or in a lying position, easy drinking is guaranteed.


The thermo trick

The thermo trick keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot – just as it should be. The air trapped between the inner and outer cup provides the thermo effect.


Note: To achieve an optimal fit between mug and lid, please fill the mug with a hot drink before using it for the first time. Place the lid on top and allow the drink to cool. Alternatively, remove the mug and lid from the dishwasher while warm and allow to cool.


For: Neck complaints, dysphagia, Shaky hands, clammy hands, stiff fingers
Capacity: 160 ml
Diameter: 0.71 cm
Features: Internal cone, Thermal Function
Height: 11 cm
Material: PP
Use & care: BPA free, dishwasher safe, food-suitable, microwaveable
Weight: 155 g

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