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Manumed T Wrist Brace

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Manumed T Wrist Brace

Wrist brace with thumb support for immobilisation

Orthosis for the wrist

  • Individual adjustment
  • Simple handling due to ‘slip-on’ system
  • Breathable material



All indications that require immobilization of the wrist with thumb fixation, such as:

• distortion of the wrist and / or thumb

• postoperative immobilisation of the wrist and thumb

• lesions of the collateral ligaments of the basal thumb joint

• tendinitis and tenosynovitis of the wrist and / or thumb

• inflammatory phases of rheumatic diseases

• rhizarthritis


Mode of action

• prevention of movement-related pain by stabilisation of the wrist and thumb

• immobilisation and stabilisation of the thumb saddle joint and thumb metacarpophalangeal joint by holding the thumb in a functional position

• immobilisation of the wrist and thumb while ensuring that the fingers can move freely

• load relief of the affected joints by immobilising them in a funtional position



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