Comfortable elastic waist
Polyester knit for comfort when sitting
Detailed tailored look for dignity
Adjustable tie waist

Petal Back’s unique range of menswear is designed to look fashionable and feel comfortable yet is easy to put on and take off. The colours and styles of the garments ensure the wearer always looks fresh and smart.

Daywear, nightwear and underwear are all included in our menswear range.

Petal Back Clothing, manufactures and markets clothing for people with limited mobility. The unique “Petal Back” design of our garments allow quick and easy dressing and undressing.Petal Back Clothing slides over the head and folds at the back for complete dignity
  • No Velcro, No Studs, and No Buttons that may scratch or damage delicate skin
  • No lifting is neccessary – easing pain and suffering for both the wearer and the carer
  • Durable, high quality fabrics that are soft on skin yet able to withstand industrial laundering
  • Affordable prices


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